Scaredy Cat Films Games

Welcome to the Scaredycatfilms games page! Here you will find offerings of free online games to play. Currently we have Running Back Rampage, a free fantasy football game, and the Pick 6 challenge, as free horse racing game just finishing up development.

Running Back Rampage is a free fantasy football sports game where each week you pick a running back that you think will rush for 100 yards or more. If you get it right, then you are on a streak and will need to pick a different player the next week to rush for 100 yards or more. How many weeks can you keep your streak alive? The longer your streak, the more points you will receive.

Running Back Rampage!
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The Pick 6 Challenge is a free fantasy horse racing game where each week you attempt to use your picks to choose the winners of 6 real horse races. You only get 15 picks each week to spread across the six races. You don't have to use all of your picks, but you need to try and get the most winners. Tie breakers are most correct picks, number of picks used, and winnings.

Pick 6 Challenge
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Coming Next Season - College Football Pick'em?