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Weekly Rushing Leaders
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Rank Player Yards # Teams % Picked
1 LeSean McCoy 156 7 46.67%
2 Jordan Howard 147 0 0%
3 Frank Gore 130 0 0%
4 Isaiah Crowell 121 0 0%
5 Alex Collins 120 0 0%
6 Kareem Hunt 116 1 6.67%
7 Jonathan Stewart 103 0 0%
8 Leonard Fournette 101 0 0%
9 Todd Gurly 96 1 6.67%
10 Devonta Freeman 91 0 0%
How Do I Play?

Running Back Rampage is a free fantasy football sports game where each week you pick a running back that you think will rush for 100 yards or more. If you get it right, then you are on a streak and will need to pick a different player the next week to rush for 100 yards or more. How many weeks can you keep your streak alive? The longer your streak, the more points you will receive.

Visit the How To Play page for more details. Running Back Rampage is free to play and free to sign up for. Simply create a login ID, and a team, and you are ready to go. Be sure to read and agree to terms of the user agreement before you sign up. That way we can all have a good time.

Announcements and Messages

2016 Season Complete!

The 2016 season of Running Back Rampage has wrapped up. Much of the season saw a two way battle at the top between Boston T Party and Hashmark Hashbrowns. Many weeks saw them pick the same players as their streaks extended longer and longer. The final week saw the T Party attempt to secure their win chosing LeSean McCoy and the Hashbrowns going with Bavid Johnson. In a Sunday surprise, both players suffered injuries and finished with 10 yards rushing or fewer. With that the season standings were complete. Boston T Party scored more points than last years runnaway winner commets. The final week saw a change for third place where Shut up, Meg. went on to pass our site picker Cornelio and his Run for the Border team. Shut up, Meg. picked Jordan Howard while Cornelio went with the previously mentioned LeSean McCoy, and with that injury, was passed for third in the last week.

This season saw a rookie in Ezekiel Elliot tied for the most 100 yard rushing games at 7 with LeSean McCoy and another surprise in Jordan Howard. Jay Ajayi was a big surprise turning in 3 200 yard rushing performances which absolutely nobody was able to capitalize on. I hope everyone enjoyed the game. We will probably be back in 2017 with an improved mobile friendly interface. Thanks for playing! Automated emails have been shut off.

Here's some posters I made up for you to hang around the office. Enjoy!

Final 2016 Standings:

1. Boston T Party 1271
2. Hashmark Hasbrowns 1156
3. Shut up, Meg. 1140