How to Play
  1. Sign up and select a password. The game is free to play, and fun. Registering will allow you to submit and then subsequently modify your Pick 6 card if you change your mind or a horse drops out of a race (otherwise known as a "scratch").
  2. Study up on the races using the linked Past Performance .PDF files (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you will be able to download free) or your preferred provider for horse past performances.
  3. Go to the race selection form and make your picks using the checkboxes. A maximum of 15 selections can be used in combination across the six races. Remember, in the case of a tie, the entry with the fewest number of selections used will be deemed the winner for the week. The second tie breaker will be the winnings you make for each winning race horse you selected. It pays to hit the long shots. Coupled entries (1, 1A...) only count as 1 selection. After you make your picks hit the "Submit" button.
  4. Races lock 5 minutes before post time. I'll say it again, races lock 5 minutes before post time. While i've never seen a race actually start before post time, because of variances in web server times and times at the sites of races we decided it best to lock before post time in an attempt to prevent that rare case where a race can go off before the server locks the picks. Everyone is under the same constraint, so get you pick in before the race locks, 5 minutes before post time.

    The time stored on the web server is what will be used as the determining factor of when a race locks. Not your personal or home clock, and not your computer clock. The makers of the game are not responsible for you not getting your picks in before the lock time. Even if your PC clock says you can still make picks.

    Due to various factors at each track, races can get delayed as the day goes on. Races will lock 5 minutes before the "official" post time, as printed on the program. So, even if they are running 10 minutes late at Santa Anita, the race will still lock at the printed post time.
  5. Each race in the Pick 6 Challenge has an individual deadline for adjustments (listed above each race description). You can adjust Races 1 through 6 on your ticket (up until the deadlines established for those individual races). You are responsible for checking for scratches and adjusting your ticket accordingly. Since you are allowed to adjust your entry form throughout the day the contest races occur, SCRATCHED HORSES WILL NOT BE REPLACED WITH RACE FAVORITES. A SCRATCHED HORSE INCLUDED ON AN ENTRY FORM AFTER AN INDIVIDUAL RACE DEADLINE PASSES WILL BE TREATED AS A LOSING SELECTION.
  6. Entries designated with an "AE", and appearing in yellow represent an entry that is "Also Eligible". A horse that is entered but that does not make the body of the race at entry time may be placed on the also-eligible list. For example, a race may have 12 entries and four also-eligibles or "alsos". A horse on the alsos cannot get into the actual race unless a horse is scratched out of the body of the race. If no horses scratch (are withdrawn) from the body of a race before a prescribed time, the also-eligible horses are also scratched.

    Entries designated with an "MTO", and appearing in blue represent an entry that is "Main Track Only". Turf races occasionally include "main track only" entrants. They will be added into the field if the race is taken off the turf and scratches can accommodate them.
  7. What are those icons next to my name? Well those are Trophies. How do you get them? By playing the game. Trophies are awarded for the following accomplishments:

    star Pick 6 Trophy - Awarded to any player that gets all 6 correct entries in a week. Given out to multiple entries. Given out multiple weeks to whoever gets all 6 picks right.

    money Mr. Moneybags - Awarded to a single player who earns the most money in a week. Only given out if 1 player wins the most money, so this may not be handed out if multiple people win the most. Given out multiple weeks.

    second Mr. Second - Awarded to any player that gets zero picks correct, but has all the second place finishers picked as winners. You were close, but no wins this wee. Given to multiple entries. Given out multiple weeks.

    skunk Skunked - Awarded to any player that gets zero picks correct, and makes 6 or more picks in a week. Given to multiple entries. Given out multiple weeks. You don't want this one!