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Overall Leaderboard
Weekly Rushing Leaders
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Rank Player Yards # Teams % Picked
1 Derrick Henry 211 1 3.57%
2 Joe Mixon 162 0 0%
3 Mike Boone 148 0 0%
4 Gus Edwards 130 0 0%
5 Damien Williams 124 0 0%
6 Ezekiel Elliott 122 7 25%
7 David Montgomery 113 0 0%
8 Ronald Jones 106 0 0%
9 Aaron Jones 100 1 3.57%
10 Saquon Barkley 92 5 17.86%
11 Benny Snell Jr. 91 0 0%
How Do I Play?

Running Back Rampage is a free fantasy football sports game where each week you pick a running back that you think will rush for 100 yards or more. If you get it right, then you are on a streak and will need to pick a different player the next week to rush for 100 yards or more. How many weeks can you keep your streak alive? The longer your streak, the more points you will receive.

Visit the How To Play page for more details. Running Back Rampage is free to play and free to sign up for. Simply create a login ID, and a team, and you are ready to go. Be sure to read and agree to terms of the user agreement before you sign up. That way we can all have a good time.

Announcements and Messages

Week 1

Well week 1 is in the books and we saw a ton of teams hit the board with Saquan Barkley of the NY Football Giants rushing for over 100 yards. The only other 100 yard rusher taken by a fantasy team was Mark Ingram by the Make A Run For the Boarder entry.

Marlon Mack was the top rusher for the week after he reeled off a 63 yard run in his game against the Chargers. 5 rushers hit the board with over 100 yards this week. Good luck next week everyone!